Advantages that make multiVISION DOOH network different

Today, when marketing, with its ideas, ways and quality reaches new heights, multiVISION DOOH network of 50 technologically up-to-date LED displays is recognized as a driver of new energy. Energy that re assures us about lights of ideas, playfulness of design and infinity of imagination.


1  Flexibility

Both time and location of network appearance are defined depending of the target group movement.


2  Reach

Strategically located for messages to reach as many users in shortest time possible.


3  Communication

When other forms of communications are out of touch with target group (internet, TV, radio), you're addressing them through inevitable, innovative medium.


4  Dynamic Update

Instant, automatic update of web based services and information.


5  Advertising Block

A series of 8 seconds ads which, with its diversity, attracts users' attention in over-saturated marketing environment.


6  Efficiency

With minimum of 1450 8-seconds-broadcast daily per location, animation provides attention, and clear, short and colorful message sticks to viewers.


7  Innovation

Technology continues to advance. The marketing industry is the most flexible and most reactive. Of all the marketing platform DOOH industry and Internet advertising recorded the highest growth.


8  Service Information

Everyday, up-to-date and visually appealing solutions of weather forecasts and exact time make multiVISION an integral part of life in the city scenery.


9  Visibility

24 hours per day, intensity of 5.000 lumens per square meter, 160 degrees of viewing angle horizontally and 60 degrees vertically provides clear and impressive image.


10  Colors

More than 30.000 individual diodes per square meter capable of displaying 281 trillions of colors and shades ensures logotype tones compliance and incredible image dynamics.


11  Monitoring

Reports on all parameters (number of faces, locations, repetitions, lenght...) one click away.

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