Technology that changes the face of the city

In the time of quick information, digitizing and ever-evolving technologies, multiVISION follows the trends, bringing first Digital Out Of Home network to the face of Belgrade.



1.png  Innovation

multiVISION displays are fruits of over 40 years of labor, development and improvement. The worlds largest manufacturer of this kind of equipment, Daktronics, installed over 75.000 displays since '68 globally.


 2.png  Design

Every part of display is carefully designed and created in order to please even most demanding users. 


 3.png  Reliability

All parts and systems, while still in process of development and prototype production, are being tested on variety of environmental conditions and physical and technical hazards, which aims to ensure consistency of work throughout life cycle of the display.


 4.png  Technology

The displays are assembled out of state of the art SMD technology, custom made LED panels. Every square meter is composed of more than 30,000 diodes, with range of 281 trillion different colors and shades, radiant with a staggering 5.000 lumens. Panels are manufactured in way that allows large viewing angles - 150 degrees horizontally and 60 degrees vertically.


5.png  Sensors

Every display is equipped with an array of sensors. These are sensors of temperature, ambient illumination intensity, humidity... These data are used to adjust work parameters in timely manner, adapting to situation whenever needed and necessary.


 6.png  Diagnostic

All displays in multiVISION DOOH network are interconnected. They are all controlled from a single control center. In addition to playing advertising messages, service information and playlist creation, the control center is equipped with diagnostic tools used to monitor functioning of entire network, but also of every display, down to the level of individual LED diode.


 7.png  Safety

Wireless communication between each multiVISION display, control center and servers in the USA is done through a specially written web architecture. The entire network is protected and monitored 24 hours a day by a local internet provider.


 8.png  Support

multiVISION team is trained to observe, prevent and solve any problems that may occur in operation. Besides all necessary machinery and tools, we have 365/7/24 online help of manufacturer's software department at our disposal.

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